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Multi-pole motor ring magnetizers

Multi-pole motor ring magnetizers


Specialized magnetizing equipment for permanent magnet DC motors, such as small NdFeB motors, bonded NdFeB motors, ferrite motors, etc., radial radiation magnetization.


1. The output voltage is steplessly adjustable, convenient to use;
2. Low noise when the machine is working, safe and reliable. 3;
3.with voltage loss automatic compensation circuit, to ensure the same energy of each magnetization, improve the consistency of magnetization products.
4.with over-voltage, over-current protection circuit, to ensure that in the unlikely event of failure, to protect the important and expensive components, so that equipment damage to minimize the loss.
5. with shutdown residual voltage automatic release circuit to ensure maintenance safety.
6, the equipment has a fault identification display and alarm function.
7 that the equipment is operated at a moderate height and that the workers are standing and ergonomic.
8, the equipment has magnetizing current monitoring and alarm function, and can be set up magnetizing power supply and other parts of the charging station.

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