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Extra large capacity magnetized power supply

Extra large capacity magnetized power supply


1, Overall magnetization of large rare earth permanent magnet rotors above 20KW.
2, applied to drive motors for hybrid and electric vehicles.
3, high power permanent magnet synchronous motors.
4, Magnetization of wind turbines, magnetic separator blocks.
5, High coercive force, large size neodymium iron boron, samarium cobalt and other strong magnetic materials magnetization.


1、Automatically adjust the pulse width of loading current to overcome the problem of large rotor cores not easily saturated.
2. Magnetization and magnetic flux detection can be completed at once during the magnetization process.
3、The rotor is automatically and precisely positioned, and is automatically transported to the magnetization and measurement part, which, in cooperation with the robot, realizes unmanned operation of magnetization and magnetic flux measurement and improves the production efficiency.

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