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Large capacity magnetized power supply

Large capacity magnetized power supply


Magnetizers are suitable for ferrite magnetic circuits up to 400 mm in diameter. The saturation magnetization of NdFeB magnetic circuit below 220mm in diameter. It is used to fill the magnetic circuit of high-power woofer and high-power tweeter. Magnetizers are also suitable for magnetizing or demagnetizing large DC motors, large synchronous motors, large size ferrite, rare earth permanent magnets and other magnetic materials.


(1)Fast charging/discharging, high working efficiency.
(2)Automatically inspect the quality of finished products.
(3)Step less voltage adjusting photoelectric module has high reliability and long service life.
(4)Automatic protection system.
(5)Strong magnetizing field. Suitable for multi-pole magnetization of different size rare earth materials such as ferrite, NdFeB, AlCoNi and etc.
(6)Multi-function, high flexibility, wide application and high cost performance.

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